Monday, 20 July 2015

All boxed out...

Well, time has whizzed past us once again and trying to cover most social media we often forget how important it is to blog, but we're hoping to change that!

At Hampton Antiques we do our very best to move with the times, sourcing antique boxes & accessories for an ever changing world with very varied tastes. We love nothing better than to find objects that are in their totally original condition, and cherished throughout the years. It goes without saying that these objects are a rarity but from time to time we do have the privilege of finding them.   It's sadly too common to find pieces that (usually with good intention) have been tampered with in some way. Unfortunately the owner is often unaware that this only devalues an item.... but this is where our expert team of restorers (including myself) come in, to undo bad repairs and make good the object by working our magic! We bring boxes back to their former glory in such a way that cannot be noticed: this is the difference between a hobby restorer and professional restorer. Being an antique dealer as well as a restorer gives me great insight in to how things were originally made, right down to the construction of pieces and details such as the polish or wax originally used, and therefore I'm able to spot if a piece is not quite as it should be.

The fascination of the box and its history means you can't help but want to peek inside, which will tell us if it holds secrets and its own unique story. Boxes are fascinating and come in all shapes & sizes and are made from all manner of materials from exotic timbers to horn, ivory & tortoiseshell.   Many were made by highly skilled cabinet makers, representing the period's fashions and a specific time in history, others for practical and everyday uses. Boxes were often commissioned for Kings & Queens and were made by cabinet maker firms who held royal warrants for their highly skilled craftsmanship. Today these beautiful time capsules are admired and still used by many of us today. Some have been altered for modern day uses such as Jewellery Boxes or boxes in which to keep a Tablet, mobile phone or tissues (very popular in the US!). The quality of antique boxes will outlast any modern equivalent, due to the timbers & materials used back then that are not available today. So next time you're thinking of a practical, unique, beautiful gift.... think boxes!