Monday, 20 July 2015

All boxed out...

Well, time has whizzed past us once again and trying to cover most social media we often forget how important it is to blog, but we're hoping to change that!

At Hampton Antiques we do our very best to move with the times, sourcing antique boxes & accessories for an ever changing world with very varied tastes. We love nothing better than to find objects that are in their totally original condition, and cherished throughout the years. It goes without saying that these objects are a rarity but from time to time we do have the privilege of finding them.   It's sadly too common to find pieces that (usually with good intention) have been tampered with in some way. Unfortunately the owner is often unaware that this only devalues an item.... but this is where our expert team of restorers (including myself) come in, to undo bad repairs and make good the object by working our magic! We bring boxes back to their former glory in such a way that cannot be noticed: this is the difference between a hobby restorer and professional restorer. Being an antique dealer as well as a restorer gives me great insight in to how things were originally made, right down to the construction of pieces and details such as the polish or wax originally used, and therefore I'm able to spot if a piece is not quite as it should be.

The fascination of the box and its history means you can't help but want to peek inside, which will tell us if it holds secrets and its own unique story. Boxes are fascinating and come in all shapes & sizes and are made from all manner of materials from exotic timbers to horn, ivory & tortoiseshell.   Many were made by highly skilled cabinet makers, representing the period's fashions and a specific time in history, others for practical and everyday uses. Boxes were often commissioned for Kings & Queens and were made by cabinet maker firms who held royal warrants for their highly skilled craftsmanship. Today these beautiful time capsules are admired and still used by many of us today. Some have been altered for modern day uses such as Jewellery Boxes or boxes in which to keep a Tablet, mobile phone or tissues (very popular in the US!). The quality of antique boxes will outlast any modern equivalent, due to the timbers & materials used back then that are not available today. So next time you're thinking of a practical, unique, beautiful gift.... think boxes! 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Time fly's when you are having fun!

Well its been a long time since our last Blog, times flying!

We are and have been very busy as always, you know we like to keep up to date with all social websites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, & Googleplus so the Blog has taken a back seat.

The Hampton Antiques crew and I are getting ready for our second time exhibiting with Lapada, but our first time at the very impressive Berkeley Square, London which is late September.
For more information about this event please view our events & fairs page.

Our new website is currently under construction and only a weeks away from being finished, this is taking all our efforts in the office, Matt Sara and myself just about getting to grips with the new system that the super team at Online Galleries are building for us. We hope to have this live early to mid September so please keep an eye on Hampton Antiques  To be the selected few to find out as soon as its live you will have to subscribe to our Newsletter which you can be subscribe to on our current home page. You will then be notified via our Newsletter of the day and time the Website goes live, so what you waiting for.

That's us done for now.



Friday, 29 June 2012

Going Going Gone...!


When buying antiques, us dealers are often up at silly hours of the day travelling hundreds of miles whilst most people are still in bed sleeping the night away. We are always chasing those elusive pieces, which are becoming  harder & harder to find, but occasionally the early bird can catch the worm! Speak to any dealer and most will tell you this business is addictive - what many of us love is taking gambles & risks, and is something we do from day to day. We get no second chances to mull over our purchases, because it could disappear before our very eyes!

Sometimes, when we're speaking to a prospective buyer at one of our exhibitions, they feel they have all the time in the world - some play games, some like a bit of banter which is good fun & helps to relax both buyer and seller! Then next comes the haggle of all haggles... buyers attempt to beat you down to a miniscule profit (if any profit at all), and some still decide to walk away! This is incredibly frustrating - not only have you spent the best part of an hour talking about the piece, explaining its history, sheer quality and being haggled to the very last penny, but you may also have lost other serious customers. Often the person will return at the end of the day to buy the said piece, but realising it's been snapped up by someone else. They then get that sinking feeling before being told it has just sold!

However, far from being put off, many of those customers will remember you and often return for something else which catches their eye, whilst recounting that regrettable day they walked away from the item which stole a piece of their heart! We've all been there, hence most of us in the business today will act on instinct and buy straight away!

If you want to learn more about your antiques, further a collection or are looking to buy something totally unique that's not been mass-produced, then our advice is to visit one of the many antique exhibitions across the country. Most dealers have a small amount of free tickets available, so take the plunge & contact one of us - you'll be sure to have a good time out and learn something too.

"A thing is worth what it can do for you, not what you choose to pay for it" - John Ruskin (1819-1900)...

Hampton Antiques' upcoming exhibition information can be accessed by clicking the link below, and some free tickets are available to download.  

We at Hampton Antiques are proud mebers of both BADA, CADA, LAPADA & CINOA more information about what we do & sell can be seen here.


The British Antique Dealers' Association is the trade association for the leading antique dealers in Britain. Since its foundation in 1918 the BADA has set the standard for trading in the antiques business. Our expertly vetted membership adheres to a strict code of practice. Find out what lies behind our sign of quality.


The UK's Largest Trade Association
for Professional Art and Antiques Dealers


Cotswold Antique Dealers Association

The Cotswold Art & Antiques Dealers' Association was formed in 1978 and is the first and pre-eminent art and antique regional association in the uk.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Jervaulx Abbey

Roxy playing Hide & Seek on a visit to the lovely & enchanting Jervaulx Abbey in Yorkshire - we visited at 4pm on a Saturday and just about had the place to ourselves.... or maybe Roxy scared everyone off....

Autumn & Roxy in all their glory

All around the leaves are brown, & here is Roxy posing!

Halloween at Antiques For Everyone

Mark pushes the boat out and celebrates Halloween on our Antiques For Everyone stand at the NEC last weekend... but only just.....

Thursday, 7 October 2010


Mark was in his element when he visited Silverstone a couple of weeks ago (again) where there was some motorbike thingy going on - here he is re-living his teenage years, check out that smile on his face (captured by our son)!!